Affiliation No. 930395

Entrance Test, Interview & Spot Admission to Classes LKG to IX & XI will be held at UAE. Venue- Kerala Social Centre, Abu Dabhi on 16th February & Indian Association , Sharjah on 17th February 2018..

Principal Message

Mr. Jose Joseph Alumkal

Principal, Holy Grace Academy CBSE School

Dear well wishers,

A warm welcome to Holy Grace. I would like to share couple of thoughts which are relevant for students, parents and educators. The following words of American author, Arianna Huffington may not be impressive for many students and parents but reflects the global reality.

“Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of success”.

As many of us are scared of tasting failure and bring up the children without giving a chance to confront the same in real life. The new generation children need to be acquainted with the fact that life begins at the end of comfort zones. Our Homes and School should equip and train them to take on frustrations and disappointments in life. The person who fail to tackle such situations are likely to be branded as mere ‘survivors’ not ‘performers’ in 21st century.

The easiest way for the parents and schools to acquaint our fragile children with failure is to take them to the world of Sports and Games. In every Game, they can taste failure without losing enthusiasm and hope. Therefore, Holy Grace is extending  one hour mandatory play time upto Std. VIII.

The absence of ‘Sportsman spirit’ is the fundamental reason behind the strained relations in the families as well working places. Life skill has become more important than academic brilliance. Many unpleasant news are coming in the media about the total failure of ‘academically bright ones’ with less life skills.

Holy Grace imparts a schooling which can equip all those who are placed under our care, the qualities I have mentioned earlier.

 With love in abundance

Jose Joseph Alumkal